Kickboxing and all those miles of road.

Ok, i’m going to deal with today backwards, because this morning’s therapy appointment, takes some consideration.

I sort of wanted to stay home and veg tonight, but am glad I went to kickboxing. I worked with Jamie, who got his redbelt same time as me, punches extremely hard and is fun. It was a good session and as I type this I go slowly because my hands are shaking.

Also today I headed to Roundhills College where I met Rebecca Nicholl. Young & Un:Bound is going to be working with the college’s book groups, which is very exciting!!

Finally then I had my monthly appointment with the Wizard, my hypnotherapist. So, lots of positive things this month, even though it’s been hard in other ways. I do feel raw and fragile in some ways and that’s ok, got to learn to be ok with that. I also feel awesome and invincible in some ways. I have discovered the concept of being able to choose where I want boundaries to be, and applying them. That’s new, and good. I’ve also realised that my friends care about me, so I can probably rely on that. Overwhelmingly it was a positive session and the zapping was awesome. I was all floaty and spinny and way more wasted than normal.

All told a good day.


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'Fox Spirit is the crazy young aunt who dances in the rain and conjures fantastic worlds out of cardboard boxes, loo rolls and sellotape'
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4 Responses to Kickboxing and all those miles of road.

  1. Alasdair says:

    Proud of you, hon:) And that shaking thing? Yeah, had that in my shoulders last night. It’s AWESOME:)

  2. Marguerite Kenner says:

    Hypnotherapy, very interesting. What do you like about it versus “normal two people talking” therapy?

  3. Adele says:

    Al – I love when a session is hard enough to leave you shaking, in this case it was specifically being on the receiving end of Jamie’s hooks. 😉

    Marguerite. We do person centric (2 people talking) therapy for half an hour, sometimes the whole session, but usually the second half is hypnosis. I like it because it’s deep relaxation and I find it very hard to relax, but it allows me to stop getting in my own way. It’s much more direct communication and if it works for the person is much quicker for changing behaviours. We used it for stress originally, then weight loss (clearly worked) and now we dip in and out of various, dealing with whatever the world is throwing at me stuff.

  4. Marguerite Kenner says:

    Very interesting… Thank you, much to think about there.

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