Kickboxing and must there be more to life than this?

how many hours a day in the gym do you reckon to achieve this?

It’s Sunday (‘no shit’ I hear you cry), well yes ok. I took Friday and Saturday completely off from exercise, and was feeling sluggish and lazy this morning. My plan was to lie in and maybe, just maybe venture out to kickboxing.

To get me in the mood I put on some BAMMA to watch some cage fighting. It worked, I was sitting on the sofa thinking, I could just have a lazy one, then I realised, no I couldn’t. I needed to kickbox, I needed to get out and do something physical.

My regime has been slipping, i’ve been having the extra half hour in bed and skipping the swim, not doing as many weights, the last couple of weeks i’ve let a bit of a sniffle push me off the treadmill. I am never going to be in  the kind of shape I want to be in if I don’t push myself, so tomorrow it’s up at 5:15 and off to the gym so I can really get the work out I need, then ten minutes in the pool to stretch out. Of course it’s Monday tomorrow which is Judo in the evening too. I also need to start packing proper lunches too, get my eating back on track. It’s all good and well baking myself some shortbread this afternoon (which I am) but I need to get off the crisps and extra nibbles during the day.

You all don’t need to listen to this, I am just talking

to myself really, but I am need another kick, i’ve been slipping and it’s not on. I have four months left to shift 2 and a half stone,totally doable, especially given I lost the first six stone in about seven months, so I can do this. Grrr! This is my game face people, get used to it.


But back to my original question, must there be more to life? I love my job, oh I have ‘don’t wanna’ days, but overwhelmingly it’s a great job. I love my gym time, my martial arts, the whole regime, it feels so good!! I like to bake, I enjoy my friends, and I have the blogging, both here and Un:Bound, and gods, Un:Bound alone could take 8 hours a day.

I sit here with fat cat by my shoulder, ginger cat on my feet, in the knowledge that there are plenty of people I can email, call, tweet and in other ways turn to for company and conversation. Sure, it would be nice to be nearer town, or to have some of the blogosphere people living closer so I could hang out more often. Some of my best friends are so far away I have to block out whole weekends instead of just droppping by for dinner and a movie, some of the people I care about i’ve never met. The sun is shining and life is perfect. I don’t think I want much more than this.


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'Fox Spirit is the crazy young aunt who dances in the rain and conjures fantastic worlds out of cardboard boxes, loo rolls and sellotape'
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3 Responses to Kickboxing and must there be more to life than this?

  1. Marguerite Kenner says:

    Happiness is knowing exactly what you have, everything you can do with it, and not wanting anything more. If you have that, you have EVERYTHING!

    Except a step-by-step guide to hand your new foreign friends trying to do much the same.

    Ahem. *grin*

  2. Marguerite Kenner says:

    P.S. Michelle Rodriguez for you, Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 for me. My god the SHOULDERS on that woman!!!

  3. Adele says:

    ha, you’ve seen how up and down I am. Today I was floored by a stress headache, spent all day under the duvet and much of it asleep, makes me miserable missing the gym and Judo. Also, spend a lot of energy looking forward to things I have coming up in order to shrug off the things I am missing right now. I think the thing that gets me through is that the things i’m missing were missing in the marriage too. Some days are really really good though.

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