Kickboxing, A signing and ripcords.

A much needed weekend away is occurring. The cats are being sat by people they like which is always a bonus on the ‘levels of destruction i return to’ scale and I really really needed to get away.

Of course in the past downside of getting away has been missing class. This led the cunning plan to addict everyone i’m likely to visit with Kickboxing. It’s worked nicely with Vince, i’m not sure it’ll work with my parents. In fact let’s face my parents will take any grumbling about lack of exercise as meaning I need to trawl through many fields ‘enjoying the Devon countryside’. I love the Devon countryside, it’s a great view from say, the car or a restaurant or even  the spare room at my parents. I like my work out to be indoors and preferably involving an element of violence, or at least running till my lungs burn. A gentle trudge through the mud and leaves and long, wet, insect ridden grass, not so much. Face it, for someone raised a country bumpkin I make a good city girl. 

It was lovely though this Sunday to go and work the creaks out at Kickboxing as I would at home. Always a little nerve wracking going to someone else’s class, even if it is the same organisation, because everyone has their own teaching style. Excellent class though, lovely guy, nice group, great work out, good walk (just under 2 miles each way) there and back to warm and cool down even more. Damn I love to hit stuff!

Then this afternoon I got taught a few resistance exercises on the rip cords which is good, hoping mine will arrive soon so I can get stuck in. It’s going to be great for working my shoulders which do get rather neglected at the gym. We did establish that although I can just about get my feet on the floor I can not yet do pull ups, only a matter of time. Seriously, by Christmas.

It’s a little strange for me at the moment, i’ve always believed I was not competitive. Clearly this isn’t true, I am just

competitive in very specific ways with very specific people, rather than having a general need to win. Also, competing with

myself a lot now. I have the ripcords coming, the free weight session with my boss on Wednesday and a;; the schedule changes below to make my work out regime much more intense. The things in my head

these days? ‘better, faster, harder’ and of course #tothepain.

On a side note saw Felice Herrig and Michelle Gutierrez talking about MMA Supremacy. Looks like a great game. Also, two awesome fighters.

Finally, yesterday we popped to Waterstones Leeds to see the lovely Andy Remic, Gary McMahon, Justina Robson and Adrian Tchaikovsky, who were all utterly charming. We

not actually the fluffykittenpocalypse

also bumped into Angry Robot Editor Lee Harris briefly and caught up with Steve Mosby and Sharon Ring. Was really great to see everyone and huge luck with the new releases and other projects!! There are pics over on Un:Bound. I’m particularly excited about Andy Remic’s Anarchy Books launch because Vince who did the amazing Hageldragon for me debut’s as a cover artist with Anarchy and the authors they’ve announced so far and the people involved in the anthology are all people whose work I love. I wish there was an auto function purchase for new releases, I could just set that up on my kindle app for Anarchy and Bad Press.



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2 Responses to Kickboxing, A signing and ripcords.

  1. mrwriteon says:

    I too love the Devon countryside and would be happy to be there right now. It is so nice to be reconnected with you.

  2. Adele says:

    It is gorgeous but I do love the city too. 🙂

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