So Sunday was a good day, I read a whole book for the first time in ages and
reviewed it. I baked cookies with cinnamon and strawberry choc drops. Yum, quite
frankly. Am rationing myself carefully.

I also had kickboxing and there was a strong focus on trigger kicks. I like when we
work on just one or two things because I can work both legs, so I feel my trigger kicks
are now almost as good on both instead of showing my usual left bias. Yay me. 😉

Monday’s gym session I pushed hard, upping the speed for my 20 minute run, having
only successfully run for 20 mins once before. At this rate it actually will be running
soon too, as opposed to the jogging I do now. I did 15mins each on the bike and cross
trainer and a few weights and stretched too. All in all very pleased with the workout.
Didn’t swim, but really, had been there over an hour by this point.

Last night then I went to Judo which was brutal and great fun although the new guy could do with remembering when you are twice the weight of your opponent it’s not so necessary to try and smash their ribs with your shoulder. I had a moment where I was very tempted to bring my elbow up to the side of his head. Mind you Steve accused me of violent tendencies after a fairly strong armbar across his face was employed to loosen his hold.

Then dashed across straight into a very hard kickboxing session, Danny is really pushing fitness, more trigger kicks and umm, more fitness. It would have been brutal if i’d been fresh, but he seemed pleased I went for it in spite of having just crawled off the Judo mats.

All in all today I am achey and sore and content. Did 15 minutes interval training on the playing field this morning, i’m not used to running outside and I really need some smaller jog pants now. Got a long meeting today so have packed a lunch, they always offer up unhealthy processed crap. At last someone is interested in my lodger ad, so i’ve sent a message. fingers crossed.


About Aunty Fox

'Fox Spirit is the crazy young aunt who dances in the rain and conjures fantastic worlds out of cardboard boxes, loo rolls and sellotape'
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3 Responses to #tothepain

  1. Rocketstar says:

    Jui Jitsu (sp?) will kick Judos ass everyday, nice.

  2. Marguerite says:

    I still want to see those shortbread cookies with the chips before you eat them all! 🙂 Hurray on the grueling back-to-back sessions, glad you’re having a great time with it!

  3. Adele says:

    Rocket – yep which is why I do Jiu Jitsu too, but I want to fight MMA and Judo is great for ground work basics.
    Marguerite – oops sorry, all munched up.

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