It’s all starting to come together.

I Friday was rest day from training, the end of my training week. It was the first week of the new regime and by Friday I was ready for the rest. It’s been awesome though. I have loved the extra classes and pushing a bit harder.

Saturday, then is the first day of my training week and this was a great one to start on. In the morning I had squad training, so it was drills and then sparring. My first formal sparring session (although Nick and I had a bit of a spar last week) and I was against Georgia, who is one of the kids, but already taller and wit a longer reach than me and she’s an orange belt, two grades above my red and been training with the squad for months. I pretty much got beaten up, got a few shots in, but she’s faster, more experienced and a better strategist. I’ll improve.

Then I took myself into Harborough for coffee a panini and a little shopping, bumped into my therapist and his family in the delicatessen. My appointment is on Thursday morning but it was nice to say hi in a non therapy setting.

I then headed back for the pad training course, improving my pad holding is important for to reasons, one so I don’t hamper my training partner, and also because done right, it can be a good work out in itself, so there we go, i’ve done the course and I have my own focus pads.

Finally after a pleasant few hours at home my lodger started moving in, tonight will be his first night, just as I was heading out to see my jiu jitsu class in Leicester. I had a couple of cokes and stayed till about 10:30. Got home just in time to change the clocks so it was suddenly midnight. EEp. It was nice to see them in a social setting and to see my colleague Christian’s band playing, they were actually pretty decent. It’s the first time i’ve been out in town on a Saturday night for years, quite literally, and although the crowds of drunks and the pubs that are too loud for talking don’t really do much for me, it still felt good to do it.

Today then it’s just an hour of kickboxing and then a nice long afternoon of reading and preparing stuff to post and lounging with cats. The lodger will finish moving in and I will start adapting to that.


About Aunty Fox

'Fox Spirit is the crazy young aunt who dances in the rain and conjures fantastic worlds out of cardboard boxes, loo rolls and sellotape'
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4 Responses to It’s all starting to come together.

  1. Marguerite says:

    Glad the lodger happened quickly – what’s their Zombie Plan? 😉

  2. Nice that the lodger’s in place. And as for the zombie plan? Had you considered the whole, knock through the attic and go through to the next house thing?

  3. adele says:

    lol, not quizzed him on the zombie plan yet, not sure he’s ready. Needs to get used to my erratic behaviour and actually stay the night in his room first. ;p

  4. Rocketstar says:

    I’m so impressed at how well you are sticking with the MMA, that’s awesome, good for you and what a workout(s) you are getting.

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