If you can’t take the pace you are welcome to leave.

today's messge, get some nuts.

Whoa. So Danny is getting tough these days, he wants the best fight squad, the fittest fight squad. It’s great because god knows I need the fitness and it means we are drilling on more effective fighting techniques rather than grading correctness (that’s for wednesday’s). The first 30 mins were solid fitness work and it was absolute killer, towards the end I was starting to think that I would puke before we were done. I didn’t i’m pleased to say. The message was clear today, as the title say’s, you don’t have to take the pain, you don’t have to keep up, but you do if you want to be here, choose and suck it up.


Today was also an excellent chance to see how much i’d retained from Thursday’s private lesson. I’m pleased to say that although some of the old habits were there it didn’t take much to get my drills fixed today, my balance was much more sure and my punches and evasion have improved a lot.

It was all on the arms today and it was bloody hard work and gods I love it, can’t wait for tomorrow am. Hooray. 🙂

The whole lodger thing is quite stressful. He comes in at 1:30-2am from work which of course, because im not used to it wakes me up. I’m getting into a stress loop and not able to doze back off quickly and if he says he hopes he’s not disturbing me one more time i may lose my rag with him. Seriously every time i see him he says it and it’s doing my head in. I’ve explained to him today just how much granite worktops cost and that leaving puddles of water and cutting directly onto them are not acceptable. If it doesn’t settle down by the end of the month I may have to look for a replacement, but he’s paid up to the 25th so I will give it till then to sort itself. He also needs to learn not to hover behind me in the kitchen, it makes me twitchy and that i don’t really do conversation, i come home to have peace and quiet in my own little world. *huff* I realise these are minor issues, but really I do not want to be pals.

Finally i’m loving Supernatural Season 5, it’s mental, jumping around mood wise to break

Gratuitous Eric Balfour pic.

the endless tension sometimes, and full of surprises. I am tearing through the box set at a hell of a rate. I also watched Second Hand Lions which is adorable and brilliant, emotional and funny and I fucking loved it. It’s a loaner, but I am so going to have to buy it, it’s great. It’s up there with Princess Bride for re watch value I reckon.

I may make blue muffins this weekend. I bought blue food colouring because i reminded me of an old friend who sent me one when I started uni. I haven’t had blue cake since but I like it and am going for it. Blue colour, strawberry flavour and white choc chips. Noms.


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4 Responses to If you can’t take the pace you are welcome to leave.

  1. Andrew Reid says:

    Do you *need* a lodger at the moment (financially), or is it just to bring in some extra income?

    I hope it works itself out (well I remember the “joys” of new flatmates – football boots in the washing machines, random…awfulness left in the fridge) but if it’s not working I hope you’re not stuck.

    Just checking – did you ask the zombie question?

  2. Adele says:

    sadly a lodger is a requirement at the moment. Will give notice and readvertise if it’s not working in a month i guess.

    Not asked the zombie question for a simple reason, have decided he’s too weak to be useful in a fight, plan to use him as distraction fodder while I make my break for more secure ground. Probably best not to get into that discussion. ;p

  3. Marguerite says:

    Love Eric Balfour? Get your hands on Haven. He’s FANTASTIC in it. 🙂

    Sorry about the lodger issue, I think giving it the month to see if it’s him or if it’s a lodger in general is a great idea if you can stick it out.

  4. Adele says:

    oh i love Haven and he’s always fantastic, well except for Skylines and I really don’t blame the actors for how shit that was, they did the best they could with terrible scripting and laughable plot.

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