Cause when my back is turned, my bruises shine

Music obsessions at the moment are Biffy Clyro in the car, Lola Rennt in the gym and Florence and the Machine everywhere else. Just so you know.

The title of the post is a Biffy Lyric.

I saw this on Pinterest and I think it’s a lyric, I liked it anyway.



Otherwise, I spent most of the last two kickboxing classes taking head shots which is fine, but my nose is sore, just so you know. I like the suggestion earlier this week that I take photos of the nose to remember it by in the future.

I was foul to the poor lodger, posting up house rules of which number three is essentially ‘Don’t speak to me’ something I don’t think i’ve said to anyone since I was about 12. I am disappointed in myself that I resorted to the note, but the lack of sleep and stress meant I just couldn’t face dealing with it in person, or maturely.








Not my finest moment. Ah well.

Then I had a lovely surprise call from Vince’s parents who I adore and who thought I might need cheering up. I did and it worked a treat. 🙂


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'Fox Spirit is the crazy young aunt who dances in the rain and conjures fantastic worlds out of cardboard boxes, loo rolls and sellotape'
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5 Responses to Cause when my back is turned, my bruises shine

  1. choochoo says:

    Everyone has a few not-so-fine moments to look back on. You’re going through stuff. A lodger was just too much. You live, you learn.

    I could never deal with living with anyone, either. In college I could never have dreamt of living in student housing. That was my worst nightmare. The first year of my masters, when I was in the first floor of that house and there was a bunch of male students on the floor above me… DROVE ME BATSHIT CRAZY! Batshit crazy with batshit on it. We’re talking foaming at the mouth here. And I ended up moving because of it. Living with a partner is one thing, a bunch of random people is another. Cause most ppl are just annoying.

  2. Adele says:

    Even living with a partner is tough.

  3. Marguerite says:

    Some people want space, other people want company. Learning what kind of person you are, and being able to do something about it, is a big part of life I’m convinced. You tried, it didn’t work, you’re working past it. Nothing to apologize for. And hey, at least you told the lodger it’s bothering you as opposed to him coming back and finding his stuff on the lawn and his key doesn’t work. It’s the 10th – just 15th days to go. Hang in there!

    p.s. Spontaneous cheer up call from friends? WHOO HOO!!!

  4. mrwriteon says:

    I’m with Choo-choo on living with somebody. Unless it’s with somebody of the opposite sex with ‘privileges’. So I utterly understand. And nice about your phone call.

  5. Adele says:

    thanks guys. It was a pretty unkind way to behave to a person who is already not int he best situation if what he says is true. On the other hand when you find yourself thinking perhaps you can stay with friends to escape the lodger there is a serious problem.

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