Through the Rabbit Glass and Down the Looking Hole.

Bad days happen. So do the strange ones. I had my alarm set this am for 5:30 to go work out till my eyes bled and i felt human again. Didn’t go that way. I don’t even remember resetting the alarm for an hour later when it went off, though i do remember that it went off. I slept badly last night. This morning I was a wreck and i’m not sure when i’d have got out from under the duvet if I hadn’t had a good luck text from Vince. Perfect timing. I finally dragged myself out and into work and spent the day working on Smart ticketing as pretty much always, and finalising the arrangements for the press launch this afternoon. I was nervous about that.

Anyway the OneCard is launched and it went well. As I was there while the City Mayor and his Deputy did photos I answered detail questions about the scheme and then they came and did the official bit. I’ve not done this before, i’m glad my group manager and the worlds best press officer (Chris, don’t take too much paternity leave, i’ll be lost without you) were there while I discussed the project. It’s exciting though. This has been my life at work since December 2009 and I still have several years to live with it but in an odd way it finally feels alive. Now we have gone out and started telling the public about it I am excited to see how they react.

Here is the official stuff btw.  The OneCard So that’s what my working life is all about. I don’t expect you to be as excited as I am.

And yes I did grab both the Wave and Leicester Mercury Reporters and ask them to pass the fliers for the Chadbourn signing to their features editors. #Ruthless

just because i love this song and yeah you need to get through an advert first.


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'Fox Spirit is the crazy young aunt who dances in the rain and conjures fantastic worlds out of cardboard boxes, loo rolls and sellotape'
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