Living in the past.

I have had a lovely weekend. Really lovely. Damien and Vince came down Friday night and we hung out and watched ‘Taken’ with Liam Neeson and a not very subtle subtext of ‘all foreigners are evil and women are either bitches, dumb or slutty, and ‘Ginger Snaps’ which is an unusual werewolf movie with an unsubtle subtext of menstruation turn women into total man eating psycho wolf whores.

Thoroughly entertaining night where I crawled under a duvet on my sofa to sleep at about 1am. With the boys here the beds were occupied by people who sleep later than me.

Saturday was time for Retro Active at the Phoenix. We headed out at lunchtime and skipped ‘The Goonies’ in favour of pizza at Ask. Then back to back with around 45mins between each we had ‘Labyrinth’, ‘Ghost Busters’ and one of my all time fave and ridiculous films ‘Lost Boys’.  Then while Robocop was on we headed to Nanado’s for more food and a breather before returning for ‘Big Trouble in Little China’. I did drift off a little toward the end (it started at 11:30pm) but didn’t miss much overall.

Another late night/early morning crash then today was a roast dinner before dropping the boys off at the train station this afternoon. Now i’m home watching Season 3 of Bones, the sun is shining and the cats are waiting for me to realise it’s tea time for them. I think they are probably glad to have the house quiet again, though they enjoy the extra fuss.

Perfect weekend.

I love the old movies, some great lines, lots of casual smoking and rampant sexism, great fun. Love love love it. Lost Boys was jut as ridiculous as ever but I am endlessly fond of it, the Frog Brothers are amazingly funny, still the best thing in that film.


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2 Responses to Living in the past.

  1. Marguerite says:

    Those are some of my all-time favorite movies:

    -Ghostbusters. Classic. Love every minute of it.
    -Labyrinth. That white ball gown.
    -Big Trouble in Little China. “Jack Burton. ME!” I heart Kurt Russell.
    -Lost Boys. “Santa Carla” is actually Santa Cruz, and I spent summers as a kid on that very boardwalk. They show the movie on a big screen on the beach every year. 🙂
    -Ginger Snaps. There’s a sequel that’s even better, and a historical prequel that’s EXCELLENT. You’re right about the subtext being a bit unsettling, but I LOVE the uniqueness of a female-centric monster movie. 🙂

  2. adele says:

    lol, I have the other two Ginger films but haven’t watched them yet. Will have to soon.

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