Adventures in training…

For my birthday my mum got me 5 weeks with a big shouldered half austrian personal trainer. He’s great. he’s got me on a strict diet plan which I am almost sticking to and twice a week reduces my muscles to a noodley mess. I love the soreness the next day and I love the feeling of weakness straight after that lets me know the ache is coming. I love being pushed. i’m hoping desperately that seeing the results the folks will get me 5 more weeks for christmas.

On top of that a new kickboxing timetable kicks in monday, this means I will be back up to 6 hours a week (ok one hour is self defense but yay). There are also mutterings of going full contact and bringing in groundwork and MMA. Colour me happy folks!




About Aunty Fox

'Fox Spirit is the crazy young aunt who dances in the rain and conjures fantastic worlds out of cardboard boxes, loo rolls and sellotape'
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One Response to Adventures in training…

  1. Stray Taoist says:

    Full contact, eh? I keep thinking about that. But it seems a good way of *actually* injuring myself, so I don’t think I ever will. And MMA? Pfft. The first M (and indeed the next one) may as well be replaced with grapple-and-wrestle, as what I have seen of it that is what they end up doing, no need for years of martial arts training!

    But good on you. And let’s meet up some Saturday (early) next year for a spar.

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