The Thatcher Film

So the new Thatcher movie is bringing up some interesting stuff in terms of lots of anti Thatcher sentiment. I don’t generally involve myself in political discussions online, you never change any one’s mind and among my friends i’m in a minority as a Tory.

I have two issues, first of all Thatcher was leader of a party, however much it may seem it she was not a dictator with unquestioned power. Why then is so much vitriol aimed at her as an individual person? Aim it at the policies or the party, but Thatcher is one woman, she did not make her decisions in solitude. She was even known for being much more open to discussion and debate behind the scenes than Major. I have to ask myself really, would the same vitriol be aimed at her if she were a he?

The other thing is the feminist, not feminist debate. For me I don’t know whether she is a feminist icon or gives powerful women a bad reputation. I do know that as a child, growing up under the Thatcher era (I was two when she came to power and she resigned two days before I turned 13) I grew up taking it for granted that women could be anything they wanted to be. We had a female PM and there were two women on the ill fated Challenger shuttle. I grew up with strong female role models from my mother & aunt Margaret (who was PD James boss at the home office) to Thatcher the woman who went behind the Iron Curtain and women in space. I and no idea what that meant of course but the headlines about her captured my imagination. I am lucky, I have grown up never questioning what is appropriate behaviour, what are the limits that a woman can achieve because they never seemed that real to me, oh I might have to do more than the boys to get there, but I can get there. So whether I agree with her policies or not, which is an argument I am simply not getting into here, I respect Thatcher and I am grateful to have grown up in a time when a woman was PM.

i’d be interested to see how she is treated in the film, i think protesting it is pathetic and pointless, watch it, don’t watch it, that’s how you vote in movies.

Just thinking out loud.


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One Response to The Thatcher Film

  1. As a child, apparently I would recognise photos of Margaret Thatcher, pointing her out when she was on the cover of newspapers. Unlike many politicians today, she would follow through on her plans, regardless of public opinion. Now, that’s Girl Power!

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