The Truth about Cats & Dogs,

..  a post in which there are no cats, or dogs.

I am 34. I started kickboxing just before I turned 33. At 35 I officially become a ‘veteran’. I suspect at heart this is a polite way of saying ‘out to pasture old mare’, or a hint that it’s time for me to accept that, to quote Danny Glover ‘i’m too old for this shit’.

Face it, if I was going to have a glittering championship career then around now I should be stepping back from competition and focussing on teaching. I started too late for that. So no glittering championship career and no teaching for me, just training and competing and ignoring the fact that i’m never going to make up time on all those years I didn’t do martial arts.

My flexibilty has improved massively in the last 18 months, along with my technique, speed, power and well… boom. In the next 18 months that will continue to improve. Of course by then I will be 36 and presumably they will try to avoid letting me get my face mashed in by fitter, faster more flexible twenty somethings.

I’m kind of ok with the all that. I’ll keep fighting as long as I enjoy it and i’ll keep training for a long time I expect. It’s an important part of my life now. At the end of the day though, i’m not up there fighting for medals.. i’m up there fighting the only fight that matters to me now, the one with and for myself. As long as I win that one then i’m happy to take a few black eyes and bloody noses, i’m ok with taking second place, because as long as I fight better, harder, faster than before and do fight every second i’m out there, then I win the important fight.

In other news I have mastered vegan baking, not that i’m vegan, but I had to prove my baking skills surpassed reliance on dairy and the reference to them as #godcookies would suggest they have.

I am also very pleased that GGSA has recieved nearly 80,000 hits in just shy of six months, which is quite remarkable.

Finally, three unbound video editions are available now, #4 is in planning for summer and #5 will be a feature length ep so may be a while coming.


About Aunty Fox

'Fox Spirit is the crazy young aunt who dances in the rain and conjures fantastic worlds out of cardboard boxes, loo rolls and sellotape'
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2 Responses to The Truth about Cats & Dogs,

  1. Our biggest competition in anything we do is ourselves, and I like the way you’ve framed that message in your own story about kickboxing. Sometimes it’s really not about the medals.

  2. shut your cake hole! Old mare! pah… you’re actually my heroine… my hope that one day I might just ‘do it’ … all of it!

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