Stress and the Drama Llama

It came to my attention recently that I may be a bit stressed this year.

The evidence:
1) I’ve caught a lot of colds, rarely getting stay off work sick, but often snuffling, headachey and fighting off something. My immune system does not appear to be up to snuff this year.
2) I’ve had to hand in my mouse at work and get a trackball because I was getting the start of RSI in my right hand (don’t be rude). The pain has stopped i’m pleased to say. RSI is known to be tied to stress.
3) I’m struggling to get up in the morning, my exercise and eating have been out of whack all year, which after 18 months of getting up at 5 – 5:30 am no problem, heading to the gym and eating very carefully every day. Sleep and carbs have always been the go to stress responses for me.
4) The team physio checked my shoulder on thursday. The problem that has been occurring periodically and annoying me or months…. a big knot of stress!

It’s interesting, the last couple of years have been obviously screamingly stressful, this year has been quiet undramatic underlying issues. This year, there has been little drama. That’s not entirely true. All the same sort of issues have happened, the difference is me. Instead of freaking out and crying I have found myself meeting the unexpected trauma’s with a resigned sigh. Mum is right, you have to stay on your toes because life always has another sucker punch lined up and if you aren’t ready for it, it will floor you. This year nothing and nobody is taking me down, but the strain shows.

In fairness of course, stress and drama are entirely different things although often related. Drama transmits easily to others and stresses them out, stress we carry ourselves, in big knots in our shoulders apparently. I am most definitely suffering from stress and have been for some months, but it won’t beat me.

There are lots of reasons for my stress this year. I won’t go into them though right now but  i’ve almost just resolved the small issue of my tyre being on the verge of splitting.

Anyway, I am under instruction from our team physio to try and relax, so yesterday I bunked off work early and trotted off to Brum for coffee with some of the GGSA girls, Ren, Karen, Catherine and Fran. Had a great time talking about fights, filming (we have some more vols Vince, and they have weapons!), Nun & Dragon, books, life, and all sorts of other stuff. Was lovely and judging from the knot reduction worked. Today, I did training first thing and am spending the rest of the day split between dozing on the sofa, watching tv and pottering in the garden. Tomorrow i’m having coffee with a friend in Harb.  I’m taking echinacea and vit c with zinc, i’m trying boost my immunity and to unwind. I will get back on top, I have to.

Tricky though. There is always something new. M should have been off the deeds and mortgage at the end of last year but due to everyone on the close having to sign up to a management company that went defunct and some guy in middlesex who bought the subsoil of our road thinking he could charge us for living in our homes (he can’t, totally illegal as we are freeholders). Six months on it’s still not done. Now M wants to buy a house and can’t because he’s on my mortgage, suddenly communicative again. Hah. Well it’ll be fine. I’m dealing with it. That’s what I do.

I’m pleased with the garden though, i’ve been pottering for a while now and it’s starting to look all gardeny. Pleases me.

Oh look garden photos. ;p

From the living room patio door end looking toward the road. this bed needs deepening, it gets the most sun.

From the kitchen door looking at the neighbours, that back corner is going to be shrubs and mum and I are going to extend the bed round the pond too.

The pond. It needs edging properly and some more plants in it. There are ferns around it and hellebores and some other flower things and some slightly dead thyme.

Part of the main bed, with my two honeysuckles, these were almost dead sticks when I put them in last year.

and I just put up a gift in the garden. Love it.

There are always more problems, but I have books, cats, a garden, kickboxing, a shedload of projects and a great support network. How can I possibly fail?

I need this.

someone make me one?



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'Fox Spirit is the crazy young aunt who dances in the rain and conjures fantastic worlds out of cardboard boxes, loo rolls and sellotape'
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