Why Joss Whedon deserves a nobel prize for something…

I went to see the Avengers Assemble movie today. Not only was it hugely entertaining and full of shiny things, super heros and fights but Whedon turned the table on the uber sexist world of super hero comics.

Let me explain.

Item 1: We first see Captain America in very tight trousers, punching a kickbag. We zoom in on his clenched buttocks, we can see which hand he’s punching with by with buttock clenches. As a woman, my reaction to this is ‘nom’. As a fighter I then enjoy the punching stuff bit. 

Item 2: Black Widow, a female spy and assassin who uses her femininity and sexuality to get what she wants, including the game plan from Loki, answers from russian mobsters and god knows what else over the years. Her outfit was as tight as one would expect but I actually didn’t notice her boobs particularly and i’m a girl who notices boobs. Her close and obviously intimate relationship with Hawk was a ‘brothers in arms’ love not a ‘girl boy’ love, there was no sexual tension in it, in spite of all the moves being there to allow for it. Brilliant. Well played Whedon, she manages to be feminine and tough and not a sex toy. 

Item 3: Pepper Potts has about 12 and a half lines, every one of them is perfect and in her few seconds of screen time it is well established that she is in control of Stark, his empire and their relationship. She’s also wearing his shirt. It’s brilliant.

Item 4: Back to Captain Tightpants mk2, the scene, toward the end, where he is standing in that silly, back to everyone, head turned over his shoulder, butt clenched pose. It’s normally reserved for female super heroes or villains, it’s totally gratuitous and it’s a hot boy. Hooray.

This film is full of boy candy, the female characters sexuality understated in favour of powerful, feminine, tough women. It is very Whedon in tone, there are so many moments that would have been great in Firefly, you know, if it hadn’t been cancelled insanely criminally early. 

So, along with @Renwarom @sennydreadful and @annelyle we call for an award for Joss Whedon for services to women and bringing balance to our movie theatres. We are not anti ‘sploitation we just want it to be fair, ‘sploit the boys too, let it be equal. Listen to us Hollywood, if you have a fun shiny action movie to film, give it to Whedon, give him all the money so we can enjoy tight arses, firm abs and broad shoulders. 

Joss Whedon we salute you. May there always be a slayer and a captain tightpants in everything you do.


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2 Responses to Why Joss Whedon deserves a nobel prize for something…

  1. Krista Walsh says:

    Here here! Valid points all, and, well, “nom”.

  2. Amen (insert pun here) to that!

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