Damn damn damn damn damn. I am stuck. I do not know what to try next. This is unusual I normally know exactly what i’m doing wrong.

I am 13st 7lbs Over 18 months as most of you know I lost nearly 7 and a half stone to get to this weight. At the end of last year I managed to shift an additional 9lbs. Then came Jan and I figured, you know what, I work out almost every day, I deserve to relax and eat what I want for a bit. Over the last 6 months I crept back up to 13,7. To put that in perspective coz weight isn’t everything, That makes my measurements 39 bust, 33 waist, 40 hips. Over the last six months I have continued to tone and although my upper body is probably little different I have gained muscle in my legs.

All well and good but the last few weeks i’ve been trying to get back on the weight loss, the final aim being to weigh in at just under 12st. Last time I weighed under 12st I was 21, a size 12 and horribly unfit.

I have been knocked of routine a little by damaging my ankle Tuesday but with the exception of Friday which is my rest day most days I burn between 600 – 1200 cals in exercise, walking with the weights, the gym and kickboxing.

I eat between 1200 – 1400 calories most days and yes, like everyone I have the odd day that ends in half a tub of ben and jerry’s, I get that doesn’t help, but 13 days out of 14 my discipline is pretty good and I stick to my calories. I’m recording what I eat so I know i’m ok. My basal metabolic rate is supposedly around 1500 cals a day so there is no way I should not be losing weight. Even with all the protein I don’t believe I can be this stuck.

I’m not expecting answers from you all. Maybe i’m being impatient, i’ve only been back on it a few weeks and maybe the weightloss just hasn’t triggered yet. Maybe something in mynetdiary that I use for cals is fundamentally wrong. I am clearly going to have to be even more thorough and careful if I am to stand a chance of losing the extra stone and a half.

The issue is as always, I want to lose the weight, but i love training and I do not want to get weak and tired and not make the most of that. Balance is hard people. Weight loss never gets easy, even after the initial and serious lose weight or die phase. And I will not be happy until I can fit into size 12 jeans at 8 out of ten high street stores.

Now here are Nirvana with their unplugged version of ‘Plateau’


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One Response to Plateau

  1. Emma says:

    Have you measured your basal body temperature, or your body fat percentage over time? Both might shed light on what’s going on. It could just be a replacement of fat for muscle. Or it could be that your metabolism has slowed a bit in compensation for the weight loss.

    Couple of other ideas: I find I’m very sensitive to carbs. The closer I get to my goal, the less my weight loss tolerates carbs. And your muscles get much more efficient over time when you exercise, so you burn less calories doing the same stuff. Maybe shaking up your diet & exercise routine might help!

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