once more into the breach

so it must be more around two years since I moved out of the marital bed. In November it will be two years since M moved out and four since we got married. It seems a lifetime ago, like something that happened to a different girl. Not so far from the truth really.

Anyway, after a slightly complicated situation hiccup in my personal life recently I realised that maybe I am ready to dip my tow back in the dating water. I’m still prickly as all hell and too much honeybadger to appeal to many i expect, but I have had moments recently where I have felt that being on my own, while fabulous, may not be the only option worth considering.

With that in mind I put out a plea to my tweeps today to help me put together my match.com profile. I know now that my finer points are:

I am the girl to be with in the apocalypse
I can explode your brain with my mind and break your spine with my little finger
I have hats
I have a zombie survival plan
I bake
I flay
I can kick you in the face
I’m a geek
I like mastadons
I wouldn’t trust my friends to write my profile

If nothing else they made me giggle like a loon and feel extremely loved and much more comfortable with being me. So good job gang, thank you and I love you all too.




About Aunty Fox

'Fox Spirit is the crazy young aunt who dances in the rain and conjures fantastic worlds out of cardboard boxes, loo rolls and sellotape'
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3 Responses to once more into the breach

  1. Geraldine says:

    What else do they need to know? Ms KTScribbles herself said it best: You’re a muse who kicks people in the face! But any chappy who does take you out needs to remember: upset our feral leader and you’ve got all the Apocalypse Girls to deal with too! Xx

  2. mrwriteon says:

    Votre chapeau. Magnifique. You wear it with such style and dignity. You should date again, Adele. You are lovely at so many levels, if I weren’t married etc. etc. … Anyway, love, dip in that toe.

  3. Adele says:

    Geri, thank you, I feel very well looked after. 🙂
    Ian, cheers lovely. 🙂

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