Cabin in the Woods

I will attempt not to spoiler this, although it’s been out for ages, that said, if you haven’t seen it STOP READING and go watch it first.



If i’d gone to see this expecting the usual crappy horror at the pictures I would have been totally excited by how it panned out. That said with all the hype I was expecting something wildly original and mind blowing. It wasn’t those things. Nor was it particularly scary. What it was, was entertaining, fun, well done and likeable. Whedon’s hand was obvious in the overall tone and in particular moments. A good job was done with a limited budget and there were nods to many of your favourite horror characters and tropes. It’s the first thing since the original Scream, to remind me what it is I love about horror. The torture porn of recent years has somewhat put me off the genre, particularly in cinema (i’ve enjoyed some outstanding books), Cabin in the Woods, may be a nudge back to it for me. We shall see.  So there you have it. Didn’t match up to the hype, may have returned me to horror films, without even scaring me. Impressive in its way.


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'Fox Spirit is the crazy young aunt who dances in the rain and conjures fantastic worlds out of cardboard boxes, loo rolls and sellotape'
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4 Responses to Cabin in the Woods

  1. Gilo says:

    I quite liked it, not a horror fan at all but there was nothing scary in it really,fairly predictable too but a decent watch, and less than 90 minutes which is always appreciated!

  2. Chloe Yates says:

    YES YES YES! Have you been inside my brain? Totally the same for me, right down to the Scream ref. Word.

  3. Adele says:

    Gilo, yeah, I thought it was well done and fun. Also played ‘spot the whedon verse regulars’ amopng the actors. ;p

    Chloe you know a clone of me lives inside your brain right? Like scorpius in farscape?

    • Chloe says:

      I did wonder why my scalp’s been so itchy … I’ve only seen the first ep of Farscape so far. When I come across Scorpius, rest assured I will laugh out loud 😉

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