Working (it) out!

ImagePlanning my fitness regime for this year and I decided to be clear about my targets. 

For a woman the ‘athletic’ to ‘healthy’ body fat range is 8-23% I am aiming for between 15-20% this year. I’m currently around 42% 

Having lost a lot of weight and gone from nearly 21 stone to just under 13 stone by Christmas 2011 it snuck back up last year (now known as the year of stress and agro) to around 15 stone. 


I need to lose between 22-27% of my current body weight to achieve my goals. Given that I will be doing weights and getting back into full time training so aim to gain muscle mass I am also measuring muscle mass and water along with weight, bone density (just because my new scales have it) and fat. To put this into lbs then I need to lose a minimum of 3 stone 6 lbs and up to 4 stone 2 lbs. 

Between 11 st  and 11 st 7 lbs essentially.

Given how much I like food this will not be easy. 

I have been considering my excercise regime and while I expect it to take a few weeks to get up to full speed I expect it to look like this:

Mon – am Gym cardio & weights / eve Kick Boxing (x2)
Tues – am KB 1to1 OR swimming / eve KB *
Weds – lunch pilates / eve circuits & KB (on book group weeks I will switch evening training for morning gym work)
Thursday – am gym weights, stretches, core work / eve KB (x2)
Friday – am gym intervals & cardio 30 mins / eve rest*
Saturday – am Sparring 
Sunday – rest.

If I am competing on a Sunday I will rest on Sat
* Once I have this routine sorted I will be switching changing rest evening from Fri to Tues so I can join Leicester Shoot Fighters on Friday Evenings. Oh yes, 2013 is the year I try MMA.

Before anyone jumps on the ‘it’s too much to sustain’ don’t panic. It’s intense because inevitably the odd weekend away/ evening out/ morning I just don’t get out of bed in time etc will happen and I doubt I will make 100% of my planned sessions most weeks. As long as I hit 7 or more of the 11 sessions scheduled each week I can achieve what I need to. Also Gym sessions are 30 – 45 mins not an hour and a half.

I plan switch a couple of those for 45 min classes that are offered to keep mixing things up, so Jan = gym, Feb = body combat, that sort of thing, to maximise the benefits of the time I spend there.

2013 I have big plans to get smaller and the thing is, even though I put a couple of stone back on last year, I lost over seven stone in the previous eighteen months, so I know I can do this. Yes, you may remind me of this in six months if I am eating too many pies and only working out once or twice a week. 

Also, obviously eating better, more apples fewer cupcakes, more veg less pizza. It’s actually not hard and I enjoy it once I get on it. Bringing back the old rule, I can only eat cake I bake too, so no sweets, chocolate, biscuits or cake bought. Expect more baking back on the blog. 


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'Fox Spirit is the crazy young aunt who dances in the rain and conjures fantastic worlds out of cardboard boxes, loo rolls and sellotape'
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