Saturday nights alright for fighting

Yesterday was my first fight of 2013. It was a huge tournament and the points fighters are over in Birmingham for it today. Yesterday was K1 and Light Con. We arrived about 10:30 and registered by 11:30 then we settled in to wait….and wait… and wait some more. 

Our first two fighters finally went on a little before six with me following a little after. Today will probably be a longer day for those attending. When they run on like this I always get to the point of grumbling about poor events management (I hate waiting while some mats aren’t being used and I hate not having a time slot for my fight) and wondering if it’s worth waiting around for eight hours for a four minute fight. WAKO’s are some of the longest in Kickboxing at two rounds of two minutes per fight, a lot of KB tournaments you get one round of 90 secs. The answer simply is if its the right fight yes! 

Once it was time to get on the mats I felt myself start smiling. My opponent, the eventual group winner Antigone was also smiling. We have the same Twins gloves and the same kick boots and after a happy fashion moment that confused our ref we got on with it. No question her front leg dominated the first round, she was controlling the distance and giving herself time to choose when to come in with her fists. The second round was better for me, I’m told I pulled back a lot of points, I listened to my coach and I am pleased with the fight I put up. 

I’m looking forward to doing more tournaments this year. 


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'Fox Spirit is the crazy young aunt who dances in the rain and conjures fantastic worlds out of cardboard boxes, loo rolls and sellotape'
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