Confessions of a weights noob

I stick to the machines. I know they are not the best thing. I need explosive power so should be training movements not isolated muscles but there are a couple of problems.

I don’t like being the new girl. It’s always fairly obvious when someone doesn’t know their way around equipment or a gym, that dazed lost look, the slight panic. I don’t like being the new girl and I especially don’t want to be the new girl who doesn’t know what she’s doing in the free weights area, which is by and large, dominated by people with very much less body fat and dramatically more lean muscle than I have. It’s mostly men, a few women, all pleasant enough as far as I can tell, but none the less intimidating in their strength and competence.


The second issue, which is rolled in I suppose because it would help shield me from feeling isolated and stupid too, is I don’t have a training partner. I have no one to spot me, or push me, correct my posture and telling me off for wussing out. I’d really quite like a gym buddy. Although I enjoy working alone and having my music I think someone to work with on free weights would be fun and it would mean I didn’t need to keep shoving my phone in my sports bra so my headphones reach. I suspect that convincing anyone I know to spend £38/month to meet me at 6:45 am and lift weights three times a week is going to be tough. Tougher than the actual lifting.

So right now I will use the bar in pump, surrounded by other people who are stronger than me and with my lovely but tough teacher. The rest of the time I’m stuck with the machines. Still as long as I see progress I guess that’ll be ok for now.

Of course if 6:46am three times a week appeals to any of you….


All that said, this morning’s weights session went well. I still have a minor issue with my right shoulder being weaker, but it’s getting caught up. In some cases my max weight meant I could only do the top half not the whole movement, but I will fix that next week. The difference between a month ago and now in what I can lift with the same amount of strain is starting to mount up.

I am pleased.

two weeks


So after a good morning I had zumba and bodypump at lunch. Zumba was ace. I look distinctly more as though I’m being attacked by bees than I’m dancing but in the words of track 1 ‘I don’t care. I love it!’ Lara focusses more on urban styles than latin and so it’s a fast and sweaty workout that hits bits kickboxing and pilates both miss. It’s also suitably distracting so it always feels like quite a quick class.

Body Pump is also tough and fun, with Cheryl keeping us on it. It’s still pretty new to me and I get a bit lost from time to time, but I’m getting the hang of it. Today I was feeling this am’s weight work especially in the weaker right shoulder, I still hate dips and lunges, but all in all I’m not unhappy with how I did. Maybe give it one more weak before I add slightly more weight.


Kickboxing, higher grades lesson. Tonight was Points, which is not my preferred style to fight (all that stopping when you score) but is still great fun to drill. Especially since my girl Jacks was back. Main thing tonight that was made of awesome is I got my green belt!! So yeah, that happened and it feels great!



Nutrition wise I didn’t break my lunch into late morning and mid afternoon as I should have, which won’t have helped at lunch time training. But all in all, I’ve had cereal for breakfast, a couple of protein shakes over the day, chicken, veg and a tortilla for lunch, a couple of coffee’s, a homemade flapjack and 40g of chilli peanuts. For dinner I friend up some sweet potato mash, butchers sausages and an egg.

Today’s calories were almost spot on the 2300 prescribed, all good clean nutrition.

All in all today was a great success. Tomorrow however is Friday. Friday is a day off. No training, no worrying overly about what I eat, generally relax and recover. So breakfast will be a chocolate twist (350 kcal), lunch with the witches at Croques (melty cheesy bready badness), then dinner with Vibs (home made chicken curry and rice). So you know, not whole dominoes pizza, half a tub of ice cream and beer bad, but definitely cutting loose. It’s ok, it keeps me honest the rest of the week.


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3 Responses to Confessions of a weights noob

  1. angie says:

    as long as there’s progress, great job!

  2. MikeW says:

    Take your time. Prepare thoroughly. Consider plyometrics in your fight training, as this can build the explosive power you might otherwise get with weights. There are not that many things we do in life that involve placing steel and iron weights on top of our joints, so body weight training, gymnastic hold count training, traditional boxing training, and plyometrics offer a lot. Get creative, and feel free to mix, match, and borrow. The key in the area you’re in, if you’re young, is to train gradually, incrementally, and season yourself thoroughly to guard against and avert head injury while being patient enough to be prepared to compete. You need your brain to operate well for the long haul. Sorry if this TMI, lol. Big mouth me.

  3. Adele says:

    Thanks guys. Mike, we do plyometrics as part of our fight squad training and adding weighted squats etc to my routine is helping. 🙂 Sadly I am not that young, I’m nearly 36 and most sensible people are teaching rather than competing by my age. I do the KB for love not glory fortunately. ;p

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