Upper body and making friends

Yesterday’s training was brilliant. Danny after a year or so of trying to train me to move has accepted that I am never going to be anything other than a rhino on red bull (his phrase) when I fight. So he’s working to my strengths. This does mean I have to be fast, hit hard and be the fittest person on the mats to keep constant pressure on. I am now being trained to be a more aggressive fighter. This suits me better in so many ways, not least my natural inclination. Of course the fitness element may kill me, but I’m game.  In the evening we had kickflex, which was to air work, so hard and  my butt aches. After that a fast, mostly hands based pads classed. Not sure what it is about this muggy weather but it’s draining. A few of us felt as though we’d done much more than the two hours by the end of pads. Still I stayed and did a few rounds on sparring, trying to get to grips with what I’ve been learning. All in all a fab evening.

This morning was my first solo session in the big boys section of the gym. By which of course I mean the free weights. There are actually two free weights sections in the gym. One with little dumbells and the cable machines and one with big dumbells and bars, the squat rack etc. That’s where I went first, in spite of my low weights. I had my routine and I started off with my dumbbell shrugs which are technically a warm up, but should help strengthen my trapezius muscles (which helps when you start piling weight on for squats etc). That all went fine. Then it was deadlift. I had a moment of panic. I couldn’t quite remember the form and so looked around. Hmm, pleasant looking chap obviously there for strength and fitness on my left or muscle head grunting on the right? I went left and asked for help, which my new friend was happy to give. Bumped into him a few other times and got some additional guidance on form etc. I think I have been adopted. This I expect will prove helpful over time. Also nice to have someone to acknowledge in the muscle head dominated section of the gym.

I’m being a bit unkind, I’m sure the other guy would have helped if put on the spot, but I doubt he’d have come over again and given me further corrections, checked I had a routine and new what I was trying to achieve and advised me to get a lower back belt just to be sure I don’t do myself a mischief. Some people are just naturally helpful. The rest of my work out went well, I have a baseline now for what I can just about manage on each upper body exercise and next time will start pushing those limits. I can feel the work out when I try to do anything, including type, which is pleasing. Most importantly having completed my full programme and found that people are actually kind and helpful even in the big weights section has made me feel more comfortable there already.

do it

Pilates was a bit of a wash out today. I worked hard enough and it hurt, but I wasn’t up to par and I felt drained. Turns out there might be a reason for that. This afternoon at my desk I had a bit of a funny turn. That hot, dizzy, sick feeling you get when you are really drunk and/or about to black out. Haven’t felt like this since I did black out (tore my toes open, blood loss causes almost instant unconsciousness in the women of our family).  This time I think it may just be an inner ear thing or something simple, but I’ll get it checked out.

I have squad training tonight and I will be there regardless. I am after all, in the Squad.

Tomorrow I do legs and zumba. I may have to skip Pump due to the amount of flexi time I owe work (oops) and weights are more important. Then it’ll be training and sparring in the evening again.


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