It never hurts to bleed a little.

Saturday squad training was brilliant fun. Lots of sparring and I took some hefty shots from James but it was a kick from Wayne that sent blood dripping from my nose. Now there was no serious damage and it wasn’t an excessive kick, but I was dripping, then it started to run so I nipped off to wash up and succeeded in coating the mirror and walls in blood. It took me longer to clean up than it to stop bleeding. It was like a scene from Dexter for a while. I then did a few touch sparring rounds and a private lesson. It did me good all told. Knowing that after many rounds and a bit of a bleed I was still able to carry on fighting and training with no ill effect, that my fitness held and I was still having fun meant I knew I wouldn’t be worried about it opening up again on me at the tournament and you don’t want to be worried about your face if you are fighting light con. You are after all, going to get hit in it.

Today was tournament day.

Some people may remember, a couple of years ago I got a proper pasting that left me with both eyes black, both lips split and a bit of a bloody nose. Well my instructions that day were ‘keep going forward’ and Danny described my fighting style as ‘Rhino on Redbull.’ since then he’s worked a lot on teaching me better fighting skills and strategies, but the truth is if I fight like you know, normal people I over think and that slows me. So today I got to have a go at taking my improved skills and applying the old tactic, or a version of it. ‘Rhino on Redbull’ has been finessed a little since it was last used, after all I’d hope after nearly two years I’d have improved a little a little, I’m lighter on my feet, quicker with my hands, I actually moved in and out, but the basic principle remains the same, keep going forward. Keep on her, don’t let up, don’t give her room, move out and be back in before she can use the distance, don’t chase, just be there, wherever she goes to escape be on her. It worked. Two rounds or two minutes after a first kick from her landed neatly, I was then on her it’s light con, I don’t need huge amounts of power, I’m not allowed to use it, so it’s stay in close, be aggressive, don’t give her room to act or time to collect herself. Worked a charm and I got my first gold. I’m very chuffed. It was fun too. It felt more natural, I didn’t need to think, the instructions were simple, in hit, half a step out, back in, hit more.

Today’s fight was huge for my confidence, I felt great. I do of course need to work my fitness, I was about done my the end. I feel as though I’m finally making the fight mine though, It’s a bloody good feeling. So Rhino on Redbull, it’s my style and it’s staying.



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'Fox Spirit is the crazy young aunt who dances in the rain and conjures fantastic worlds out of cardboard boxes, loo rolls and sellotape'
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