A week in workouts.

It’s been a busy week. By busy I mean mental, I’ve barely opened my own laptop, I’ve had to call in favours to keep the publishing timetable on track because I haven’t had time to devote. A lot fo this is caused quite simply by working elsewhere on Wednesday. It meant that my weights sessions bumped from Weds to Thurs and I didn’t have the couple of hours at home I usually have on Wednesday evening to clear the decks. None the less it’s been an excellent week.

Monday am I started the new weights regime before work, then obviously after work I headed to Kickboxing, which was a good session. I haven’t made my lunch time sessions this week partly due to being out of town on weds and partly because as always my cold settled on my chest a little and I figured I would rather be at kickboxing than wreck myself with lunchtime cardio.

Tuesday was my one on one as normal and then in the evening kickflex, in which we do leg strength/endurance and flexibility and then the fitness KB pads session. I thought about staying to spar, but honestly I haven’t so much in the week lately because sparring while shattered and with my ankle still feeling weak if not actively painful seems like a good way to make a mistake and get hurt. I do need to get passed this anxiety over the ankle, but sparring Saturday will help.

Wednesday I was out of town but made it back for Squad Training. That made me happy and it was another great session.


Thursday the second weights session of the three went well then I had a higher grades lesson at KB. Danny decided to do something different so it was solid, strength/endurance and fitness work, push ups, ab work, that sort of thing. It was a killer session and great fun!

Friday  was very exciting. I had my third weights session in the am and it went really well, I am happy, especially with my progress on legs. In the evening I had a special new treat though. I went down to Leicester shootfighters, Nathan Leverton’s MMA club. If you don’t know who Nathan is you should, he’s the coach behind some of the best fighters in UFC and BAMMA and he is pretty damn lethal and actually very lovely. I did an hour of wrestling (submission, not pro) and an hour of jiu jitsu, which carried on well after the hour was up but sadly I had to head off to the station. Both coaches were great and lovely, the guy I worked with was really chilled and patient and not only was it all fantastic fun to do but I felt really comfortable and welcomed, which isn’t always the case in a new club and makes a huge difference. I’m really looking forward to heading down next Friday to get myself officially signed up and train some more.

Leicester Shootfighters logo

I love martial arts training and becoming a more rounded martial artist can only be good for me. I also ache in interesting new places once again from the cumulative effect of the week. Today I have squad training then a lesson, before relaxing until Monday. Some times it’s great to be me.


Next week I get back to Pilates and Zumba too. Hurrah!


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