Shiny Things!

I have made some new purchases this month (well one is technically an early birthday present) so I thought I’d tell you about them, because these things matter to a girl.

Twins Gloves

I already have a pair of 10oz twins gloves and I love them but I couldn’t resist these for tournaments. There is a reason that Twins have one of the best names on the market for boxing gloves. It’s like punching people with little fluffy clouds on your hands. They feel amazing, the weight is mostly balanced in the wrist offering support rather than making your hands heavy and in a fight that can make a real difference, especially when you start to tire. They are not cheap though, so if you just need gloves for the bag in the gym or gym boxing, go for a cheaper option, there are lots of perfectly serviceable gloves out there. Twins want to fight, they are gloves that crave blood and battle. It would be a terrible waste to buy them for fitness work.


The Six Pack Three Meal Bag

They do a five meal bag too, and several colours. This is a great solution for those of you needing a cool bag for tournaments and travel. It’s fantastic, comes with all it’s Tupperware and freezer gel packs which stay frozen for ages. It is my new best friend for the long days in sports halls with bad catering when we do tournaments. I can easily organise my nutrition including shakes and supplements for the day.

The only negative thing I would say, is given the limited availability of the bags in the UK I was surprised when Six Pack dismissed my complaint about a split gel pack (complete with photos) and told me to talk directly to whoever I bought it from. I’m unsure how a supplier who struggled to get enough bags in to fill the pre orders is supposed to be able to lay his hands on the gel packs easily. Hopefully though the lovely people at Op Massive Ltd will have more joy from Six Pack on this matter than I did.

So in short on six pack, product is the dogs bollocks, customer service very much in the notsogood category.



The Protein Works is now my preferred brand of protein. They have excellent products for decent value, fast delivery and great loyalty schemes for affiliates and customers.  They also have ‘The Locker Room’ where they provide articles with clear, entry level advice for those of us that aren’t qualified PT’s. My own PT Chris D’Amico of Shredded is one of the columnists. If you register with them using a referral code (mine is AW29754) then you get a little extra free in your first order.



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