Been there, got the T shirt, going back.

I am now a signed up member of Leicester Shootfighters, (yes t shirt and all). It’s been a thing I wanted to do for so long I am really pleased to have finally gone for it. Had another great couple of sessions on Friday night. Wrestling this week was taught by Nathan (allow me a moment of OMG i’m training with Nathan fucking Leverton! ok thanks, will be calmer now) and once again it was great. Simple take downs and moves but grappling is soo technical and it’s going to take me a fair old time before I can do any of them at sparring pace correctly I think. I am in fact ok with that.

Jiu Jitsu was also tremendous fun again and very tricky. Everything seems complicated right now, but that’s because I don’t know ANY of it. We were doing sweeps from closed and butterfly guard (at least this week I knew what those were), but a sweep to me is booting someone’s foot out from under them, so this was really different. I think I’ve about nailed the hip bump and the underarm hook one (both done slowly with no resistance of course) but I still struggle with the others even as a drill, i’d be stuffed if the guys decided not to cooperate. I’m learning to be patient with myself and work a thing over and over without feeling so frustrated. Anyone who knows me well knows it’s epic progress.

I have to learn to move again, moving low with a wide base, moving on the floor, stuff as Nathan said, small kids do easily but feels totally alien to me. It’s exciting and fun doing something new and to be develop my martial arts. I’m also really happy at the Shootfighters dojo, it has a good feel.

LSF end of 2012, pinched from tinterwebs

LSF end of 2012, pinched from tinterwebs

Which brings me on to something else. There are so few women grappling! Where are you all? I know you want to do it so why aren’t you coming down to play? Ok so, grappling classes are often male dominated, but honestly, if you are focussed on the training the gender of your training partner doesn’t matter. Actually there are a some benefits to training with both genders, also managing to throw someone bigger and stronger than you off you and then twist them up till they tap… I honestly can’t wait for that moment, I might do a victory lap when it happens. And from a self defence perspective, once you’ve done that in training some guy creeping at a convention or hassling you at a pub isn’t going to be a worry anymore, he’s more target practice than a threat right? Ladies, give grappling a try, it makes you feel epic, even when you are new and a bit pants.

Gina Carano MMA fighter

Gina Carano MMA fighter

Now back to kickboxing. Had a fantastic morning sparring. Now I know perfectly well that when Sensei spars at his level I basically get hit a lot and get thoroughly confused about where the shots are coming from. He’s a lot better than I am, that’s why he’s the sensei right. So normally he spars at just above our level, so we have to be at our best but if we are on it we can get some decent shots in. I landed a right hook to the body today that winded him. I am bluntly, fucking delighted. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever hit a good clean solid shot he couldn’t see coming. Needless to say I didn’t get the chance to try it again. I know it wouldn’t have happened if he’d been going full on, but even so there is no point at all my pretending I’m anything but chuffed to bits. I love kickboxing and I’ve been at it three years almost. A little thing like that reminds me that I really am improving and does a lot for my confidence.

I love the EFK gang, with my usual sparring partner absent the points fighters donned boxing gloves so I could have a few rounds, I also did a few points rounds but my points fighting is laughable really. Huge shout out to my mad little fight family. Love you guys. Also if anyone is in the Leicestershire area, EFK is expanding into Kibworth in October, Monday evenings with Gareth Ford. Gareth is a cracking kickboxer and you’ll get a lot out of training with him so check it out.




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One Response to Been there, got the T shirt, going back.

  1. Max says:

    I trained at LSF while I was at uni, and I gotta say Nathan is a truly sick coach – good for all levels of student. Glad you took it upon yourself to join up! Also make sure you go to the fitness circuit every thursday, it’s worth it for the motivational speech Nathan normally gives at the end of the session. Something about his passion and motivation that just inspires me to better myself in all walks of life.

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