It’s ok to tap out. Honest.

Well in training anyway.

Wednesday was intense, weights and plates (pilates) during the day, then Shootfighters for Boxing with the other boxing coach. Another fantastic session and I had a lot of fun. A big group and more mixed which was nice. I’m trying really hard to change levels by actually moving my weight up and down rather than bending over and you know, getting hit in the head. My knees are not accustomed to this abuse. I then dashed off once again to EFK for squad training. This time though, it was SPARRING!! A whole joyous hour of bashing each other around (keeping it light… ish) and it was fab. I wrenched my upper left arm sparring Wayne early on and at one point thought it was going to go dead on me. It didn’t thankfully and it lasted the session. I also got pitched into a wall but that’s not terribly unusual for me. Sparred a few rounds with Sensei which is always interesting, I never know how he’s going to fight, makes me adapt which I need. I didn’t really sleep Weds night I was too sore.

yes i'm a geek, no I couldn't resist.

yes i’m a geek, no I couldn’t resist.

Yesterday was the last weights session of the week and it went well, I am pleased with the progress and then the boss and I headed to the NEC for the coach and bus show. Yeah day job stuff, useful day but was so shattered quite frankly I didn’t quite manage to crawl to KB, which niggles, but letting it go.

Tonight, being friday night I went out and got shitfaced, puked on someones shoes… yeah ok maybe not. I went to  shootfighters and did wretling and jiu jitsu again. Awesome lessons. Huge fun. Both seriously knackering. The wrestling was taken by a canadian wrestler with many credits to his name, we worked fairly basic stuff but it was great, footwork drills, movement games and working on defending. Then Ewan (did I spell that right?) took Jitsu as usual. It’s an oddly mellow experience for saying it’s really quite violent and there is lots of pain (especially if you don’t tap, apparently that’s what it’s for. ;p ). I think it’s just that Ewan speaks so calmly I feel kind of relaxed. Probably a good thing I expect tension just makes things hurt more.

I was thinking about competing though and given it’s taken me nearly three years to become even remotely acceptable at kickboxing, I might be asking Nathan if he can set me up a fight for my 40th birthday? (i’ll be 36 this nov). I should probably accept that i’m too old for this shit, but it’s so much more fun just going for it.

grumpyOn another note, Jo’s plait held up quite well, so she is now official plait person for Friday’s till I get my arse to the lovely Joe at Malcolm Murphy Hair and get it cut. At least to above the shoulder.



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