Wasted week?

It happens from time to time, I lost almost a whole weeks training between work, niggling injuries, and a serious blue that lasted a few days. I managed my three weights sessions, one boxing class and a few rounds of sparring this am. I made no gains in the weights this week which is frustrating, although am trying to remember that over all I’ve made good progress.

So the week feels wasted, it would be worse if I’d done, nothing, but it’s still pretty bad. The important thing I guess is what I do next. The time I lost for assorted reasons is going down as ‘recovery’ time, giving my body a bit of a break, although to some degree it was my spirit that needed the rest. Tomorrow is my official rest day, I have plenty of none active things to be doing. Still feels weird having a rest day when I don’t feel I trained all week. Still probably better to be fresh Monday with my head in the game.

Respect the training


All told I’m still pleased with the results. My body is changing all the time, stronger and firmer even if it isn’t getting smaller as fast as I might prefer.  Strong is good. I’ll take strong first and let the shrinkage come in it’s own time, I have no doubt that it will. I have even invested in the grenade thermo detonators to help it along now.


Monday I need to amp it back up. I have a meeting Tuesday night but otherwise I should be able to make the training sessions. Time to get back to kickboxing one on ones and try and do some lunch time sessions. Time to start really pushing it, let’s see what this girl is made of.




About Aunty Fox

'Fox Spirit is the crazy young aunt who dances in the rain and conjures fantastic worlds out of cardboard boxes, loo rolls and sellotape'
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