It’s better than a kick in the head….

Well, actually, it IS a kick in the head.

Been getting back into training steadily for a few days after my illness. Weds I did Squad, Thurs kickboxing higher grades, friday wrestling and no go jitsu and then is was Saturday. Part of me will always find it slightly perverse that I set my alarm to maek sure i’m up in time to fight on a Saturday, but there we have it, I do and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I fight light con so I mainly spar with the guys. This week I took a couple of shots that rocked my world. A round kick to the side of my head landed hard and sweet and the world almost went away, my legs turned to jelly and I thought I was KO’d. I wasn’t but I had to grab a wall to keep my feet. 30 seconds to get my body under control and we went again.

Later I took a tuning hook kick, heel perfectly connecting with my jaw, kick like that best will in the world you aren’t pulling the power and these guys carry some. That one did take me off my feet, I almost stayed up but in the end the left leg caved under me and I dropped. Shook it off and carried on.

Oh and yes I cried, both times. It shocks your nervous system and knocks the wind out of you, of course I cried. If a blow to the right side of your face can take your left leg out your body is going to deal with it however it wants and you just have to let it. What it didn’t do is upset or scare me. I’m stubborn like that.


All in all a satisfying sparring session. This is how you get over the fear of getting hurt. You get hurt and you decide, am I going to back off or am I going back in and doing it better this time?

Then I went off for a couple of hours MMA beginners training, a nice overview and taster. It was great. Gave a real feel for how the different elements come together to be an art in themselves. The guys at Shootfighters are consistently patient and lovely to work with, both at things like this and in the classes. The more experienced ones often take time to teach me basics I need before doing the drills, coaching me during the rolling time.

So after all that bruised, battered and happy I found myself talking to friend this morning about balance. I realise some of you may think I have none, it’s true, I fall over very easily. That’s not what I mean though. Training in an important part of my life, but it’s not the only part. So while I have a few weeks where I follow strict nutrition, I have times where I eat pizza and ice cream with friends. While I train pretty hard a lot of the time, sometimes I take a week where I train very little so I can hang out at home with the cats and watch Buffy re runs and you know just chill. Sometimes that’s what my body wants. It’s important to have passion, it’s also important to be kind to yourself. Today I hung out with someone who I not only love but find soothing and we had redcups and bought Italian pastries from the new Deli, we talked books and clothes and foxes and everything else that drifted through our brains. Take time out sometimes, breathe, relax, take care of yourself.



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'Fox Spirit is the crazy young aunt who dances in the rain and conjures fantastic worlds out of cardboard boxes, loo rolls and sellotape'
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