The good, the not so good and the clumsy.

Ok so pre warning, this is a ramble about a week or so in training, and here is a picture I liked just to start things rolling.


Last week was a mixed bag. I had a great time Tuesday, three sessions in a row is officially mental and I shall be doing that more often. Wednesday was fun, I always enjoy boxing. It’s a buzz.

Thursday am was our first breakfast club session with Liam and it was a blast although i’m fairly sure it’s bad form to nut your coach. I was all focused and didn’t realise we’d been called in. D’oh. That aside training is officially the best way to start the day.

Friday I had one of those training days. No confidence in what i was doing, didn’t feel right in my own skin, nothing worked the way it should (with the exception of when the coach step by stepped me through it) and the tiny amount of knowledge I have gained in grappling abandoned me totally. I was a floundering idiot. This was most perfectly demonstrated when I tripped over my own big toe and face planted into the mats managing to wrench my elbow in the process.

You might think that adding the discomfort, klutziness, memory loss and embarrassment would have made me feel like I just shouldn’t have bothered. It would have made it unenjoyable. It’s not like that though. I enjoyed both classes. I tried hard to focus even though my head clearly wasn’t working at full speed, I loved the training and my training partners and coaches were patient and easy going and helped me get a lot out of the evening, even if I felt as though I had spam for brains.

See, it's good I fall over so often

See, it’s good I fall over so often

It was a great evening. I left after training in wrestling and jitsu, with a sore elbow, a little frustrated with myself, but overall tired and happy and a bit high. Even on a bad day you can learn something, if not a technique you will retain then maybe about yourself, your mindset and how much you love a thing that even when it goes consistently wrong there is still no where I would rather be than on the mats.

I learned that even the bad days are good and that maybe I need to stop being hard on myself about not knowing anything and needing to be shown things more than once because you know, I’m there to learn and also, i’m really new at this! Maybe I’m not the fastest learner, but honestly, even if I’m the slowest person in the history of grappling to actually study grappling, that’s ok, I’ll just keep turning up and having a go until something starts to stick. I need to focus on what i’m learning and every small improvement, not what i’m not learning.

MMA Kitties need no reason

MMA Kitties need no reason

I need to stop worrying about my weight (100.7 kilos) not only are these guys pretty strong, but fundamentally it’s never going to work if I’m worrying about being heavier than my training partner the whole time. Also my weight will go down *eyes chocolate guiltily* at some point, my weight will go down, but somewhere in my head I am always going to be heavy, so I need to get past that. My flexibility, my fitness, my strength, all these things will improve in time with training. I need to stop anticipating my limitations, let them hit me when I hit them and get on with what I want to be doing.

Then there was Sunday. We had a seminar with Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley which was, quite frankly awesome! Daley is not only a brilliant competitor but a great coach, relaxed, friendly, clear and extremely knowledgeable. I had a blast. Huge fun!

Paul Daley

Paul Daley

This Tuesday I did the three sessions again and loved it again. We had the last ladies MMA intro class so huge congrats to everyone who completed it with me. Was great training with you and I hope to see you all at Leicester Shootfighters soon.


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