New Programme

I have a new PT/nutritionist. Someone who trains martial arts and understands what I need to achieve and why. I’m often slightly snarky about PT’s who spend all their time in the gym and have never applied their training to a sport or competition. Partly because i’m just generally cynical and snarky, but partly because I can’t see how someone who just uses the gym all the time and does classes and sticks to the low end of the weights rack can help anyone really achieve their goals. Unless their goals are to look a little bit better in the gym I suppose.

what's the point..

what’s the point..

Anyway, i’m excited and about the process as much as the results. I like working on things, making them better so this should be fun, a little challenging no doubt but fun.

I love working with someone on my fitness and diet (by which I mean how I eat, not starving myself to be thin). I’m good with order and some things I quite like not having to think about. It’s busy enough in my head so not having to think too much about food is both a relief and more likely to result in eating well.

I’ve been through all this before of course, get a PT, try and lose weight, succeed to an extent and then it goes back on. It’s different this time. Whilst ditching body fat is a big part of what i’m trying to achieve I no longer buy into the media view that being thinner makes you happier. What it does is help with my training goals. Training makes me happy. Training better and getting more out of it can only be a good thing. Losing some excess fat, being stronger and fitter all help toward training better. It’s a fundamental change, it’s not about how I look any more, I got over that, I’m happy with who I see in the mirror. It’s about how I fight, how I move and removing certain limitations. It seems a better place to start. 

and grapple better and faster obvs

and grapple better and faster obvs

As always I will be reporting in on progress.

Yesterday I started the new eating plan.
Today I took my measurements 220lbs, W36″, C42″, H44″

I will probably measure on a weekends from here on in and will do a fairly detailed weekly update largely for my own records.



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