Week One

So week one.

We started with some discussion of how I deal with structure (love it), what I do and don’t eat in whole food terms (no mushrooms, not too much fish and we are good yeah), then on Monday I got going.

It’s been good. It’s inevitably the week where stuff gets used up and the right things bought, the settling period where I am getting my head around what’s needed.  Usually when I get into a new regime I feel ok for a couple of days then crash for a day or two. That’s not happened this time round, I feel good and as a result impatient to step things up especially by bringing the gym back into the picture. I’ve been told to wait till my end of week assessment.

This week I was issued with an eating plan (meal make up with examples) designed with the training I do in mind and the instruction to walk at least 20mins every day and drink at least 2litres of fluids excluding hot drinks. No coffee after 2pm. The plan is fairly loose because I get bored if it’s too rigid.

as long as I can have my morning blast..

as long as I can have my morning blast..

I’ve written down everything I consume and notes about how I’ve felt etc to send my trainer and I’ve been taking measurements. I am all told happy with my progress. Instead of going to training knowing I’ll feel better once we get started, I’m heading over itching to get into it. I’m still not sleeping well but I never expected kicking the evening caffeine to change that, I’ve tried it before. I will in due course find a balance and start to sleep better, but right now my brain hasn’t quite accepted that it needs to let the day go and enjoy the oblivion.

Saturday morning weighed in at a 2lb loss, hurrah. Good start.

In training terms it’s been a good week too.

Am able to train on Mondays again so went boxing this week. May have to stick around for the second class next week. Tues was Jitsu, kickboxing and MMA (there is an intro to MMA course being offered in April incidentally if you want to try this), Weds was more boxing and no gi grappling, Thursday am breakfast club and of course Friday was wrestling and no gi jitsu. Enjoyed both classes as always. Am quite looking forward to getting on Thursday evenings too, have had to miss this months Wayne Lakin Judo session due to other commitments.

The groundwork still isn’t easily retained, but it’s coming better little by little, the feeling of everything being horribly clumsy and alien is passing. While I may not be able to get that exact angle with this limb around their head etc I am feeling overall more in control and comfortable with things.

The striking comes a little more easily, so I’m working a lot on trying to get the techniques right. Also, after just over three years of getting hit in the face I’m finally grasping the concept of evasion, almost. All round just working on being a little better than last time.

As for the gym. Well my routines have to be discussed and set but if I’m honest with myself there is a lot more to do than just lifting gradually heavier stuff. Though am hoping squats, leg press and deadlifts figure, because I like those. Am awaiting my routine.

It just made me laugh.

It just made me laugh.


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