Jits and the art of motorcycle maintenance

I should note, there are no motorcycle maintenance tips in this post and honestly not that much jits. I considered llama’s but the jury is out on whether they belong either. Possibly the least accurate title ever, but it sounded good in my head.

So first of all the diet update. Week two went well. Two weeks is about the right length of time between cheat meals, the last couple of days I had a few oooh chocolate nooo nearly cheat time moments. The cheat itself was a pizza express pizza and an ice cream sundae. It was well deserved, my loss of the last two weeks has been 7lbs. The best thing is this is just healthy eating, I can eat like this for the rest of my life, not just 12 weeks or whatever.

In spite of spending the previous weekend with a vomiting bug predictably followed by a cold I managed a fair amount of training last week. I am loving all of it. My evasion in boxing is still verging on non existent but I feel overall as though I’ve made real progress in the past few months. I feel (and it may all be n my head) as though my movement is more balanced and my punches are getting sharper. I’m getting told to relax less often too. Yay!

Kitty says relax

Kitty says relax

Kickboxing just continues to be huge  fun. Three years of light contact means the biggest issues are around low kicks, clinching and distance (it’s very different in full contact), but a lot of the time it’s still familiar territory even if I need to take everything back to basic principles and relearn well all of it.

Grappling in its many forms was always the furthest from my comfort zone, but for all that I know desperately little I am gradually feeling more at ease with it. A few things are sinking in at last, the language is gradually making sense, I’m getting more relaxed. I love these classes, they require something of me that I’ve never been able to do before. They expect me to relax, breathe and go with it rather than setting against and fighting all the time. They demand that I learn to move counter intuitively, that I trust my body to do things it can evidently (sort of ) do even while my brain (and on occasion my mouth) is going ‘yeah right, this is not going to work’. It’s fascinating, it also ties in to something my Dad has been trying to teach me my whole life, sometimes (this is for you Al) resistance is futile. Sometimes you just have to go with it, keep breathing and wait for your opportunity. The lesson in that is gradually making it’s way past the endless layers of stubborn and into my brain, in grappling and in life. Wait… is that actual personal development? Stop that now brain!


Anyway, it was a great week of training and this week I am due to get my weights regime and my instructions on how to do it. I think I also get to train Thursday night. It’s an exciting week! I love weights, not as much as training, but still, it’s a good way to start the day. Looking forward to seeing what is in store.

So once again huge thanks to all the coaches and training partners at Leicester Shootfighters, the end of the work day is always the start of the best part of the day for me.

oh hell llamas are always the right choice

oh hell llamas are always the right choice


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