Week Two & what’s next

Well all told I lost 7lbs over 2 weeks and it’s been ok going. Am very pleased. I found a few days before my cheat meal I started to notice large bags of chocolate buttons at low prices etc. Knowing it was coming held me over and while I haven’t really missed the junk food in between the pizza and sundae was rather marvelous. I had a moment of ‘ooh I could eat like this forever’ (the whole plan, not just pizza) to which my PT pointed out, that was rather the point. Oh, ok then. Good.


Yesterday I met with my PT.  My press ups have been corrected, my squats are good and we established I am ok with a seated cable row. These three exercises make up the first weights routine. I have been assured it is hard, dull and absolutely necessary as the foundation of everything to come. It’s not about number of reps or heaviness of weight, it’s about doing it right. So that’s three mornings a week for the next 6-8 weeks.

I’m delighted. I don’t care if it’s hard and dull, it’s all working toward something and I like that. It’s working toward being a better martial artist and I’ve a long way to go. I also like the thoroughness of the approach. The pre training concept to prepare properly for what’s to come, that seems a smart approach. Most importantly though, I now get to book end my days with training! Early morning training is great for clearing my head and getting me nice and awake and happy for the start of the work day. Since I’m one of those people incapable of hiding my mood the early morning buzz benefits everyone who has to put up with me. Now I get four days a week of it, three doing weights and one doing Breakfast Club grappling. Maybe I should just work from home on Tuesdays and keep my grumpiness to myself. Or maybe I should just go and soak of my aches in the jacuzzi.

For old friends this one

For old friends this one

Of course I train in the evenings too. Evening training is awesome because it helps me let go of the working day be it good, bad or totally f*cked up, so when I get home I feel physically tired, mentally better and generally happy. Also I just love the training, you might have picked that up by now. So ok, training at both ends of the day doesn’t give me masses of time for other things, a couple of hours to work on the publishing stuff and eat dinner etc, but I have weekends mostly free to work on the books and rarely take my work home (the last two or three weeks being an exception to that) and when I don’t train I usually end up losing the evening to feeling grumpy and watching crap on TV anyway. So I don’t think it makes much odds in terms of evening productivity. In the daytime I am much more useful when I train before work.

Me when I'm not training.

Me when I’m not training.


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