Heavy thinking

There have been some superb posts recently on diet, weight, body image etc. I thought i’d share a few favourites.

A slightly snarky look at food fads and the ‘wisdom’ of the internet. The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater.

And on weight, BMI and the dangerous approach of healthcare reducing us all to a single stat. Female Bodies: A Weighty Issue

Generally a pretty good site for information and body image positivity… Fat Girl, PhD

how researching nutrition on line makes you feel.

how researching nutrition on line makes you feel.

While Juliet E McKenna is best known as a fantasy writer, she is also a long term martial artist and has written sensibly on a number of subjects. Her site is worth checking out for articles like this one on the Nigella restaurant incident and why fighting back isn’t always easy.

This video of a girl beating a number of Jui Jitsu opponents was posted on Leicester Shootfighters facebook page and is well worth a few minutes of your time.

While he’s not been training for a while Alasdair Stuart’s achingly honest Judo Diaries are my go to when I feel frustrated or doubts set in.

Thanks to Alec McQuay for this article by Henry Rollins

Please add your favourite links on nutrition, training, body image etc in the comments.

balanced diet


Edited to add more links from friends.

From Sarah Cawkwell, one from the Huffington on guys struggling with body image and a really personal one about bad mirror days that certainly speaks to me.

Simon suggested the nutrition and protein product site Monkey Nutrition, for those who are interested I use The Protein Works, largely because they do good flavours.

My PT Karl suggested EliteFTS

The lovely Jan suggested Nerd Fitness which I just fell in love with a little bit. I had that Wolverine figure! She also pointed at Fitocracy for those who like the social media dynamic.

Max suggested this video on discipline and this excellent article on The Pleasures of Drowning.

For those of you who like to run (I hate it, there will be a post on that shortly) there is also the Zombie Run App.

Thanks to everyone who has given their suggestions. I shall refer back to these when I feel frumpy, unsure, uninspired or am just having a really bad day with my hair. 🙂


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