because…all the things.

First of all Lucy and I got to do something quite exciting last weekend. We were part of a photography students third year project on women in sports and spent a couple of hours at the Shootfighters gym posing for pics. On the back of this being so much fun we have decided we could handle being famous and are available for such things. ;p We are hoping to get some copies of the pics to share soon.

Now a general eating update. I followed the first plan fairly well and I’ve lost about a stone in the last couple of months with doing that. Just eating clean and making sure I get enough protein. Today is the start of a more concentrated plan, 12 weeks of a much stricter regime designed expressly for fat cutting. I’m nervous, because it is more restrictive and will be harder to maintain for so long, but I’m also excited because I expect to see good results, which in turn will keep me on the straight and narrow. After the 12 weeks, when i’m not actively cutting, it’ll be back to the previous clean eating low carb stuff, rather than a return to pizza and cake. Of course knowing I’ve had this coming I’ve had a few days in the run up of relaxing the rules a bit and not going mad but well getting a few things that I really miss eaten so I can let them go.

Having been fat for a long time and fairly normal only for the last two years or so I expect to have to be very careful for the rest of my life, so the set up time and normalisation of healthy eating plans was a good start point.


Weights wise, I’ve had a couple of weeks where I’ve been away a lot and not made as many sessions as I need, so I’m a little behind, but I’ve fitted them in where I can so I can still move forward. This week will see me upping to 16 minutes of each super set. Then only a couple more weeks before I get a more interesting routine.

As far as training, I love being down at Leicester Shootfighters. I think on balance I prefer no gi to gi based grappling and I love the wrestling! Every time I remember something a little better or put things together a little more it’s immensely pleasing because for a while it felt as though it might never make sense and now, little by little it’s starting to.

The striking is great fun, good stress relief and I’m learning a lot. You wouldn’t think there was a massive amount to learn about punching but there is. I got some really good comments on my kickboxing the other day too, which have given me a focus and some assurance that I get hit in the face a lot because the whole strategy is wrong, not because I’m rubbish. Reckon I can work with that!


Today is the first day of putting everything into high gear. It’s exciting and I feel ready for it.

Finally and slightly unexpectedly I took my first dance lesson a couple of days ago. I’m having a few private lessons on ballroom and latin to get me up to the standard for the beginners class (which has been running six months so isn’t as beginner as all that). It’s been a bucket list thing for donkeys and I got a little nudge in the right direction (often how it happens with me). Studying MMA has already helped with the dancing a little and I’m hoping it’ll cut both ways and the dancing will help with footwork and movement. Needless to say I need to buy new shoes for the dancing. Oh no, the horror, how will I cope. ;p




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