Breaking through

I’m getting back in the swing little by little. Back on the clean eating, don’t let my scouring the cupboards for bad snacks fools you…no matter how many times i look my only snack option is still a can of tuna. Getting back into the routine of training which is bliss quite frankly.

I had a session in boxing a couple of weeks ago where all my work on my feet and hands just came together for an hour and everything felt smooth and clean and sharp. Oh it doesn’t last that feeling, there is too much to learn, but it still felt great and was a needed morale boost. Last night I figured out what I was doing wrong on a move for myself, which was satisfying and I am starting to understand more even if I still don’t know much. If only I had any instinct for how the body works at all! Ah well, keep training and it will come.

I just quite liked this pic

I just quite liked this pic

This Sunday a friend and I travel to Liverpool for a seminar with Rosi Sexton, which is very exciting. Rosi is a superb martial artist and to encourage women of all levels and MA backgrounds to have a go at MMA she is doing a bunch of women only seminars around the country, so if it appeals to you at all look out for them. It’s a great chance to try it out before looking for a local gym. We are going because a) we can learn a lot from Rosi and b) grappling with women is different, it’s a useful opportunity for us as we only really have each other locally the rest is training with the guys.

A note about which.. training with the guys is a good thing! We are in no ways complaining, just looking forward to getting a broader experience.

Rosi Vs Gina (did you know Rosi has a Cambridge degree in maths and a PHD? Smart as F*ck!

Soo things I am reading. In non fic I’ve been munching through ‘A Fighters Mind’ by Sam Sheridan which is actually really interesting and motivational. In fiction I just read the soon to be released (the benefits of being in publishing) ‘Shadowboxer’ by Tricia Sullivan which is a fantasy novel bringing thai spirituality, adventure, other worlds and MMA together. It works pretty well and the descriptions of fighting and training are really good. I can recommend them both.


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