The reality of life

Life is not orderly, it does not chunk itself neatly into set pieces of time allocated for this that and the other.

Life is messy. It’s full of things that push us off balance. Two of the biggest things for that int he training/diet world are new relationships and illness. I have spent the last six months dealing with both of these things. Of course the tendency to catch colds etc is twice as problematic when you are passing them between you. Things have not gone well on the training front. I gained weight back, I was sparodic at the gym because of feeling ill or tired from late nights. I was burning the candle at both ends and it f*cked sh*t up.

This year we are in it together the new relationship and I. This was my promise to myself at the start of the year.

This year is not about weightloss and diets, I will focus on eating healthily and well, training regularly and being focuses, improving my immune system, making gains on the mats, sleeping better and generally hitting my stride in productivity. I am pretty happy, but this year I want to be even happier because I want to feel more in control, make more progress in every area of my life. This isn’t about what my body looks like, it’s about how it feels and performs.

I will report all my progress to keep me honest.


About Aunty Fox

'Fox Spirit is the crazy young aunt who dances in the rain and conjures fantastic worlds out of cardboard boxes, loo rolls and sellotape'
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